Dr. Daniel Perkins

Dr. Daniel Perkins is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Social and Political Science and Manager of Research, Strategy and Policy in the Office for Medical Cannabis with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services where he is currently leading a four year prospective study investigating the use, safety and effectiveness of prescribed medicinal cannabis products.

In previous roles in the department he led work relating to population groups with specific health needs including developing the first Victorian men's health and wellbeing strategy. He has over 15 years experience leading health, social, and labour market focused research and policy projects that have included partnerships with universities, NGOs, business and all levels of government, as well as being a Partner Investigator on ARC Linkage projects.

At the University of Melbourne he is leading a number of projects relating to psychoactive plants including a multidisciplinary international project, involving researchers from Australia, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech republic, which is examining the use and health and wellbeing effects of the psychoactive tea ayahuasca in different contexts of use around the world.

Daniel has expertise in health, social and economic policy analysis, the design and management of large scale longitudinal surveys, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and the measurement of soft outcomes and difficult to capture concepts such as social inclusion. His work has been published in a range of organisational reports and refereed journals articles. He is also a psychotherapist and neurofeedback practitioner.