Top documentaries on Ayahuasca

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Top Documentaries on Ayahuasca

The Reality Of Truth – Full Film – I put this on top of the list because this is one of the latest ayahuasca film I watched (April 12, 2017). Even though this film discuss aspects of spiritually and other plant medicines, its main focus is still on ayahuasca. And how it changed the lives of people involved in the film. They also started a movement after the ayahuasca ceremonies.

Ayahuasca Diary by CM Films – This documentary is almost two hours long, but it is very enlightening and comes with a great and brilliant screenplay. It features four people with various maladies that are treated by a Shaman using Ayahuasca. The miracle healing includes one patient with cancer. This film will surely take your faith in Ayahuasca to new heights. For those who want to learn the healing wonders of Ayahuasca, this documentary is the best clip to watch. For those who are planning for a retreat in the Peruvian jungle, this footage will be a great start for your research.

Metamorphosis- Ayahuasca Documentary by Keith Aronowitz – This is one of the best Ayahuasca documentaries that you should watch. This footage that is over an hour and a half long vividly shows the different experiences, emotions and transformations of Ayahuasca users. You will see some weeping and the others laughing and shouting. In one scene, someone appears to be possessed. Other Ayahuasca users admitted to seeing visions when they were young, others felt paralyzed. The experience is terrifying, dark and demonic for some.
However, it was fulfilling. Ayahuasca users felt meeting God and finding the divine love. At the end of the Ayahuasca ceremony, the users attested that life become more beautiful and the experience was amazing.

Stepping Into The Fire (full Ayahuasca documentary) by rybysferyczne – This documentary includes the story of a lawyer with a terminal illness and a father named Rob. The lawyer has only 3 to 6 months to live. So he headed to Peru and tried Ayahuasca to extend his life. Meanwhile, Rob was struggling with parenthood and work. He has everything he needs but devoid of joy. The lawyer’s Ayahuasca experience made him feel absolved from all his guilt and shame. He felt that he already completed what he needs to do. Meanwhile, for Rob, his Ayahuasca experience helped him grow to understand the gift of life. He now finds joy in the most simple things love, nature, humanity, friendship and parenthood. Share their victory by watching the following video.

Drinking The Jungle – Ayahuasca Experience Documentary by Pulse Adventure Tours is another Ayahuasca documentary that you should watch. This documentary is less than an hour long and features the cultural exploration and evocation of Ayahuasca. This will make you realize that Ayahuasca is growing in popularity as many tourists visit the jungle of Amazon to experience it. These individuals have different reasons, but all are curious in stepping out from their lives to experience Ayahuasca. This documentary highlights transformation. The narrator stressed that the Ayahuasca experience gave her directions and deeper appreciations of life, love and the people around her. Her struggles and pain were gone and she felt healed, free and ready.

“Ayahuasca” Documentary by Nidtra TV is a short film about the journey of a group of individuals who search for a shaman in the Peruvian jungle of Amazon to experience Ayahuasca. The shaman explained the plants that were used and its effects. It also highlighted the Ayahuasca ceremony that changed the lives of the individuals. One of them noticed that the dog in the household who used to bark at them looked at them differently after the Ayahuasca ceremony. It’s as if the dog sees a new person and it didn’t bark at all, it drew to her closer and she can already pet it. She explained that the experience made her feel the presence around her. She is now more aware of her surroundings. The experience brought their human consciousness to a huge turn.

The Mirror of the Spirit “João Meirinhos created a compelling and sublime documentary that reaffirms the power of the world’s greatest traditional medicine, ayahuasca. Assembling an impressive cast of traditional practitioners, aficionados and western converts, ‘Mirror of the Spirit’ bubbles like the brew itself to reveal the essence of the ayahuasca experience. And, like the ayahuasca vine, it entwines the viewer with an authentic and compelling message that is hard to resist.
Grounded in strong ethnographic roots, ‘Mirror of the Spirit’ captures the spirit of this eclectic mix of contributors all of whom have been transformed by the power of the medicine in a myriad different ways. Once again we are reminded that the message of ayahuasca is more relevant today than at any point in our history.”

Ayahuasca Nature's Greatest Gift We also added this documentary the original list from Soul Herbs. Find out why C. Michael Smith, PhD says this is a must see for anyone interested in exploring the world of Amazonian plant medicines, especially ayahuasca and its various admixtures.