Benjamin Mudge

PhD Candidate

Psychiatry Department, Flinders University, Australia

Benjamin Mudge’s education in Psychiatry has been through personal experience: having lived with treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder, and worked at Neuroscience research laboratories and GlaxoSmithKline’s headquarters. He gave up on pharmaceutical drugs after 17 prescriptions each had more side effects than benefits, and eventually discovered Ayahuasca. He has been researching the psychotherapeutic and entheogenic uses of Ayahuasca for 10 years, healing along the way.

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Anjali Love

AnjaliLove is a mystic, healer and artist.

She had what she would describe “the most powerful, transformational and enlightening experience” with the Divine Mother Ayahuasca in the Amazon rainforest sitting under the feet of the legendary 70-year old Peruvian Shipibo shamaness - Maestra Ynez.  She experienced something she knew she could never be able to describe in words.

She is now an advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring spirit plant medicine.

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Dr. Daniel Perkins

Dr. Daniel Perkins is an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Social and Political Science and Manager of Research, Strategy and Policy in the Office for Medical Cannabis with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services where he is currently leading a four year prospective study investigating the use, safety and effectiveness of prescribed medicinal cannabis products. In previous roles in the department he led work relating to population groups with specific health needs including developing the first Victorian men's health and wellbeing strategy.  

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Dr Prashanth Puspanathan

Psychatrist & CEO at Caleb & Brown

Dr Prash works in the psychiatry department of a major metropolitan hospital. His primary intellectual and research interest is in the therapeutic use of psychedelics and their potential role in psychotherapy. He sits on the clinical advisory board of The Australian Psychedelic Society and runs the research discussion group Psychonauts Onymous, bringing together individuals professionally or intellectually connected to the psychedelic paradigm. When not pontificating on the topic at talks and conferences, he is actively seeking your money or that of your philanthropist grandparents, to help get psychedelic research off the ground in Australia.

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Darpan weaves 30 years of experience in music, healing, and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and transforms. His home is in Australia where he is renowned as a teacher, musician and healer. Bringing people together to create an unambiguous experience of our common Source is the intention, which inspires his work. A skillful blend of ceremony, song, meditation and celebration are the means by which he achieves the goal.

Darpan is a spontaneous and engaging speaker with a natural flair for embellishing his talks with interesting stories, anecdotal references and rich personal experience.

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Aurora Sharkey

Originally from Australia where she was working as energy healer and sacred space facilitator. Aurora now focuses on facilitating longer shamanic immersions for people who are drawn to go deeper into the Amazonian plant medicine studies. Participating in ceremonies as a young child, Aurora was first exposed to Ayahuasca at the age of 15, shortly after that being called to the deep Amazonias of Peru to explore the healing properties of Amazonian Plants and begin to live with the native tribes.

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Michael Gueron

Michael was born in Israel and for the past 11 years he has lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia. Michael recalls feeling deeply connected to and inspired by the natural world as a child; finding plants, animals and natural phenomena utterly fascinating.

Likemost young Israeli’s, Michael undertook compulsory military service and was a member of the Israeli army forsome years. This experience was deeply traumatising for him and for the past 10 years, Michael has been on a rich healing journey to recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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