Luis Tamani

Luis Tamani is one of Peru’s pre-eminent visionary artists who grew upon the banks of the Ucayali River near Pucallpa, surrounded by a rainforest wonderland of plants, trees, animals and birds, and immersed in the medicine world of Ayahuasca from a young age.

He studied Art at the Eduardo Meza Saravia Escuela Superior de Formacion Artistica in Pucallpa, whose Shipibo founder Sr Meza was one of the greatest proponents of Amazonian painting and a teacher of the Neo-Amazonico, figurative, surrealist, shamanic style.

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Limbert Gonzales

Limbert Gonzales is a visionary artist from Pucallpa, Peru. He specialises in contemporary visionary Amazonian art. He grew up surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, where contact with nature led him to become interested in Amazonian art. In1992 he met the visionary master painter Amazonia Pablo Amaringo, Director and founder of the school of Amazonian painting USKO-AYAR who recognized him as one of his disciples for receiving his philosophical teachings, Limbert Gonzales is an artist who is dedicated to the teaching of Amazonian painting to the children and youth of the Peruvian jungle.

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Katia Honour

Katia Honour is a psychedelic-romantic painter from Australia. She devoted her life to spiritual, not art, training, and began to spontaneously channel through paint the day after her first ayahuasca healing. Most of her paintings are created in Shakti-tantra ashrams, churches and entheogenic communities by fully immersing in their practices. Each work is an offering of the disorienting, sensorial and sincere experiences obtained through altered states of consciousness. Katia holds a Masters of Fine Art for her thesis "Stalking Utopia: The Search for Transcendence in Psy-Culture" which explores the art which inspires, reflects and emerges from the ritual use psychedelic plants.

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Light Wizard

Steve Willis is a rare breed of human on a fantastical voyage to redefine the framework of possibility. He is a Mayan Kiwi born in Wellington 1981 to a father from New Zealand and a mother from Guatemala.  He is a global citizen having lived between the nations of Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

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